Thank you for your interest in the Maryland Microbrewery Festival 2016 Homebrew Competition organized by Midnight Homebrewers' League, Westminster, Maryland.

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The 2016 Maryland Microbrewery Festival Homebrew Competition is a BJCP-sanctioned competition open to all amateur homebrewers. Please read through these Rules to avoid any confusion later.

A. Entry limitations and exceptions:

  1. Registration will be done at, through which all entries will be created.
  2. The Entry Fee is $8 per entry. (Members of the Midnight Homebrewers' League receive a $2/entry discount.  Join da club to get the discount!).  We prefer PayPal, but payment may also be made via cash or check payable to the Midnight Homebrewers' League.
  3. The competition is open to beer styles only. No mead or cider.
  4. Sour Ales may be entered and are eligible for Category Prizes. However, Sour Ales are NOT eligible for the Best of Show. Sorry, thanks for your understanding.
  5. SPECIAL RULES apply to Fruit Beers; Spice, Herb & Vegetable Beers; Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer; and various other Specialty beers. It is the entrants' responsibility to be familiar with the BJCP Style Guidelines for the categories you are entering, and make the proper identifications of any special ingredients, base style, processes, etc.
  6. The competition organizers reserve the right to limit the number of total entries, depending on the number of qualified BJCP-ranked Judges who sign up. More Judges = more entries.
  7. Entries will be judged by qualified BJCP beer judges against the NEW 2015 BJCP Beer Style Guidelines:
  8. All entries must be brewed exclusively by homebrewers on homebrew equipment. Beers brewed on commercial equipment, or at a Brew-On-Premises facility, are not permitted.

B. Bottle Requirements:

  1. Entry labels must be attached to each bottle with Rubber Bands Only. Bottles with tape, glue, or any other adhesive method will NOT be judged and entry fees will not be refunded. Thanks for your cooperation with this.
  2. We require two (2) bottles of each entry. Acceptable bottles are:
    • Standard 11.2 - 12 oz. crown-capped bottles; or
    • 375 ml. corked and caged Belgian bottles (which will fit into a standard case box).
    • No bombers or full sized Belgian bottles, please.
  3. Remove all labeling. Raised lettering (such as Sam Adams bottles) is acceptable. Caps must be plain, or all printing blacked out.
  4. Include a copy of a printed Entry Form with one of your two entry bottles.
  5. If paying with cash or check, please put your payment inside a plastic zip-lock bag and wrap it around one of your entry bottles with the rubber band.

C. Other/General (sorry this is long; previous questions and issues cause us to include these)

  1. Organizers and Judges will NOT re-categorize entries.  Entrants are responsible for selecting the proper category for your entries.  If you have any questions about where to enter a beer, you may contact us for assistance.
  2. Organizers will group entries into logical Prize Categories for judging purposes, based upon the number of entries received in given (or similar) categories, and the available number of Judges and Prizes.
  3. Category Prizes and/or Ribbons are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and (subject to prize availability) 3rd Place winners in each Prize Category.
  4. Distribution of Score Sheets and Prizes:  Score Sheets will be available to entrants who are present at the Festival, AFTER the winners have been announced.  Otherwise, score sheets will either be mailed, or scanned and emailed.  Most of the Competition Staff goes camping the week immediately after the Festival, so please allow two weeks after the festival to receive your score sheets.  We prefer to distribute Prizes by dropping them off at various homebrew supply shop locations for pick-up by winners who shop at those locations.  We do this where it makes sense, to save the costs of shipping heavy prize packages all over the place.  Other prizes are mailed out where necessary.
  5. All entrants, by creating and submitting one or more entries, agree and consent to the following:
    • All prize winners' names will be made public;
    • Prize winners' names and email addresses may be provided to the Sponsor(s) of any prizes won by the entrant, if a particular Sponsor wishes to know who won the prizes donated by that Sponsor;
    • Prize winners will provide their prize winning entry's recipe at the request of the Competition Organizer;
    • IF the winning entry is brewed commercially, the name of the Best of Show winning beer is subject to approval for commercial brewing purposes;
  6. Competition organizers bear no responsibility for broken, mis-placed, or missing entries, or for software errors. Every effort will be made to contact entrants in time to replace missing or broken bottles. If we break or lose an entry due to our error, and a replacement bottle is not available from you in time, the entrant's fee will be refunded. Otherwise..
  7. With the exception of paragraph 6. above, entry fees are non-refundable.
  8. IF the winning entry is brewed commercially, no financial benefit is derived from the commercial brewing of the Best Of Show winning beer.  The schedule for brewing and tapping of the Best of Show winning beer is subject to the needs and schedule of the brewery and Buffalo Wild Wings.
  9. One more time...PLEASE do not use any tape or glue to attach bottle labels to bottles. Use Rubber Bands Only. We're not kidding this year, bottles with anything other than rubber bands to attach labels will NOT be judged, and entry fees will not be refunded.


Competition Officials

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via the Contact section.

  • Charlie Heaps — Registrar
  • Steve Kranz — Competition Organizer
  • Debbie Lyons — Sponsor Coordinator, Food Chair
  • Gary McNamara — Cellar Master
  • Neil Mezebish — Head Steward
  • Keith Wickstrom — Head Judge


Midnight Homebrewers' League is proud to have the following sponsors for the Maryland Microbrewery Festival 2016 Homebrew Competition.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings
Dog Brewing Co.
Westminster, MD
Dog Brewing Co.
Midnight Homebrewers League
Midnight Homebrewers League
Competition Host Club
Union Mills Homestead
Westminster, Maryland
Union Mills Homestead
Festival and Competition Host
Ball And Keg
Ball And Keg
Corny Keg Level Indicators
Custom labels, crown caps, coasters
Maggie’s Restaurant
Westminster, Maryland
Maggie’s Restaurant
Maryland Homebrew
Columbia, MD
Maryland Homebrew
Nepenthe Homebrew
Baltimore, MD
Nepenthe Homebrew
State Line Liquors
Elkton, Maryland
State Line Liquors
#3 Bottle Shop in the U.S. by
The Flying Barrel
Frederick, Maryland
The Flying Barrel